Recent Cover Reveals: December 14


Here is a selection of some recently released covers for upcoming YA books. Check the descriptions below for publishers, release dates and more.

the 99th bride catherine f king the blind wish amber lough hold me closer david levithan

The 99th Bride by Catherine F. King
Publisher: Book Smugglers Publishing
Release date: December 16th 2014
Dunya is just fifteen years of age when her father, the Grand Vizier, gives her over to the mad Sultan for his bride. Ninety-eight Sultanas before Dunya have been executed, slaughtered at the break of dawn following their first night with their new husband. But on her own wedding night, the ninety-ninth bride finds help from the mysterious and beautiful Zahra, who proposes to tell the Sultan a story…

The Blind Wish (The Jinni Wars #2) by Amber Lough
Publisher: Random House
Release date: July 28th 2015
Najwa and Zayele have just learned they’re half-jinni, half-human twins. Najwa is now the jinni representative at the human palace, working to bring peace. But her new role comes at a price—she’s no longer allowed alone with her cherished Prince Kamal. And as Zayele adjusts to life among the jinn, she discovers that she’s a magus, one of the most powerful jinn in the Cavern.

Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story by David Levithan
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Release date: March 17th 2015
Jazz hands at the ready! Tiny Cooper (“the world’s largest person who is also really, really gay”) stole readers’ hearts when he was introduced to the world in Will Grayson, Will Grayson, co-authored by John Green and David Levithan. Now Tiny finally gets to tell his story—from his fabulous birth and childhood to his quest for true love and his infamous parade of ex-boyfriends—the way he always intended: as a musical!

of fire and ash amber argyle the replaced kimberly derting stand off andrew smith

Of Fire and Ash (Fairy Queens #1.5) by Amber Argyle
Publisher: Starling Publishing
Release date: TBD
The fairies must never know of Nelay’s sight, for the attention of such dark and terrible creatures brings more things dark and terrible. But when Nelay’s father is near death, the fairies are the only ones who can save him. All they require is a simple promise that she’ll return the favor one day. Sometimes promises are lethal.

The Replaced (The Taken #2) by Kimberly Derting
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release date: April 28th 2015
Kyra hasn’t been the same since she returned from her mysterious five-year disappearance. Now, on the run, Kyra is forced to hide out with others who, like her, have been Returned. Yet she is determined to find Tyler, the boy she loves who was also abducted—all because of her. When her group intercepts a message that Tyler might still be alive, Kyra knows it’s a risk to go after him. What if it’s a trap? And worse, what if the returned Tyler isn’t the same boy she lost?

Stand Off (Winger #2) by Andrew Smith
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release date: Fall 2015
Blurb currently unavailable.

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  1. I love the cover of THE BLIND WISH and am excited at how gorgeous that’s gonna look next to THE FIRE WISH on my shelf! I hadn’t seen OF FIRE AND ASH before – that one’s beautiful!