List of the Week: Genderqueer and Transgender YA Leads


We need diverse books – but while we call for more, we should support the ones we have. Here are ten books with genderqueer and transgender YA leads.

genderqueer and transgender ya leads list of the week

For more: I Am J, Parrotfish, Almost Perfect, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, Being Emily, Brooklyn Burning, Some Assembly Required, Rethinking Normal and Happy Families.

[EDIT] While we do our best to research every book to see if people of that group approve it, Luna slipped into the group with the original list. A few of our friends have gently let us know that what our research didn’t reveal was how problematic a lot of people find it. It’s been removed and replaced with Lizard Radio, a book highly anticipated by the team over at The Gay YA.

What other great YA books with genderqueer and transgender YA leads do you love? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Witch Eyes is an amazing urban fantasy/paranormal YA series featuring LGBTQ characters (including the main character!) One of my favorite series.

  2. A. Falck on

    Gracefully Grayson is a terrific middle-grade novel about the titular main character’s struggle to express her identity in the face of opposition from some classmates and adults, but with the support of others.