EXCLUSIVE: See the cover of Zenith Dream by F.T. Lukens!


Look, we love us a space opera. F.T. Lukens’s Broken Moon trilogy has taken us into the reaches of deep space. Zenith Dream will conclude the series—and we have the cover!

A design resembling a computer chip with ZENITH DREAM written over it.

In the Broken Moon series finale, Ren embarks on one final mission: find Asher, free Liam, and escape the Corps’ reach. But a war is brewing, and Ren is drawn into the conflict. With his friends by his side, he must make a choice that will affect the future of his found family and cluster forever.
Zenith Dream is the third book of the Broken Moon trilogy and is the culmination of about four years of work,” said Lukens. “One of the great things about its cover is that it successfully manages the difficult task of tying the trilogy together and being something new and representative of the last novel. I’ve been so lucky to have CB Messer as the cover designer for the entire trilogy and her eye for detail has made each cover special. For the Broken Moon series, Zenith Dream is the end of the story, but it is a rebirth and new beginning for many of the characters, thus the use of the color green and the stylized tree in the center. Also, green is a representation of one of the prominent characters in the story. The circle with the jagged break is a throwback to the cover of the first book The Star Host, which started the journey. And the circuit board background is a nod to Ren’s, the protagonist, technopathic abilities. I love the symbolism and the design and I can’t wait to have it on my shelf alongside the other two books.”

Interlude Press Art Director C.B. Messer designed the cover.

Zenith Dream releases on October 11, 2018.

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