What new YA books release this week? (September 11)


What September YA books release this week? We have a list of this week’s new YA books!

As She Ascends (The Fallen Isles #2) by Jodi Meadows
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release date: September 11th
Mira Minkoba is on the run after a fiery escape from the Pit, where she’d been imprisoned for defending the dragons she loves. And she wants answers. Where have all the dragons been taken?

Dream Country by Shannon Gibney
Publisher: Dutton
Release date: September 11th
The heartbreaking story of five generations of young people from a single African-and-American family pursuing an elusive dream of freedom.

I Do Not Trust You by Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Release date: September 11th
Ashwin Sood is a little too posh for M’s tastes, a member of an ancient cult, and has just informed Memphis that her father who she thought was dead isn’t and needs her help.

Impostors by Scott Westerfield
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release date: September 11th
Set in the same world as Uglies but years later, Impostors follows Frey, who’s been raised from birth to pretend to be someone else. She’s a body double. A bodyguard. An impostor!

The Lantern’s Ember by Colleen Houck
Publisher: Delacorte
Release date: September 11th
Five hundred years ago, Jack made a deal with the devil. It’s difficult for him to remember much about his mortal days. Welcome to a world where nightmarish creatures reign supreme.

Light Years by Emily Ziff Griffin
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release date: September 11th
Luisa’s life is thrust into chaos as a deadly virus sweeps across the globe, killing thousands and sending her father into quarantine.

Rule by Ellen Goodlett
Publisher: Little, Brown
Release date: September 11th
When three girls from very different backgrounds are brought before King Andros expecting an execution, instead they learn the truth: The king is dying and they are his only living heirs.

Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release date: September 11th
Rumi Seto spends a lot of time worrying she doesn’t have the answers to everything. When her sister dies in a tragic accident, her mother sends her to live with her aunt in Hawaii.

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