Rainbow Rowell announces FANGIRL special edition, three different covers


Rainbow Rowell announced a new special edition of Fangirl. This hardcover, ribbon-bookmarked edition will will feature fan art and an excerpt from her upcoming Simon Snow novel Carry On.

A better way to describe the ‘special’ edition would be to call it three special editions, as the cover will come in three different color variants, depending on the seller. Barnes & Noble will get a berry pink cover; Indigo Chapters will get a yellow cover; and all other retailers, including Amazon and indie bookstores, will get bubblegum pink covers.

fangirl rainbow rowell berry fangirl rainbow rowell pink fangirl rainbow rowell yellow

“I feel both EXCITED and SORRY about these color options, because if I was interested in a special edition, the choice would make me crazy,” wrote Rowell .

This special edition of Fangirl will be available on May 12th. For more, visit Rainbow Rowell’s website or follow her on or Tumblr.


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