ANNOUNCEMENT: YA Interrobang is now closed.


YA Interrobang is now closed.

Thank you, dear reader, for coming along for the ride.

It started as just a YA newsletter with a blog component; it quickly expanded into a website that updated almost every day of the week, covering news and events alongside resourceful lists and author features. More than one person teased that we weren’t running a blog–we were running a magazine.

And it felt like we were. We took it seriously; we wanted our work to be the best that it could be. We wrote thousand-word pieces about the authors and books we loved; we covered news as it broke; we generated a collection of lists that librarians and booksellers used in their jobs.

But every good book has its end, and at the end of 2018, Interrobang reached its natural conclusion: a turning of the last page, a closing of the cover. The characters had learned as much as they could from this particular story, and now it is up to you, dear reader, to continue to champion the young adult titles they love.

The site will remain live as a resource for backlist young adult books and in the hopes that conversations started here will be continued by a new generation of young adult writers and readers.

There are so many incredible young adult titles coming out, from remarkably talented authors, over the next few years. While we’re disappointed we can’t continue to hurl them all in your face in the hopes of their books succeeding, we know you’ll buy their books (preferably at independent bookstores!) and continue to support their work.

Thank you for an amazing five years. We look forward to seeing everything you do.

And, as always: happy reading.

What about the team?

We have been lucky to have literally hundreds of contributors to the site: authors, editors, agents, bloggers, booksellers, librarians, and publicists. But there are four main writers who you likely saw over the past five years.

Love the #quietYA lists? You can support creator Julie Daly over on Patreon, where she still talks about books–especially the ones you might not have heard about.

News and feature writer Alison Ng moved on to a job in publishing, but .

News writer Lucy Nisbet is now a teacher. If you’re one of her students reading this: hello!

Editor Nicole—that’s me!—can be found in lots of different places on the Internet, but she would prefer you support her on Patreon as she generates resources to help authors, booksellers, and other aspiring publishing professionals.


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