J.K. Rowling to receive PEN Award


harry potter and the sorcerer's stone (revamped cover) j.k. rowlingJ.K. Rowling will receive the PEN/Allen Foundation Literary Service Award. Rowling will be presented her award at PEN’s annual spring gala on May 16.

“Through their experiences with Rowling both on and off the page, countless children have learned not only the power of speaking their own minds, but the critical importance of hearing others,” said PEN America president Andrew Solomon to the AP Press.

Rowling is, of course, the author of the Harry Potter series. But in addition to writing the most acclaimed children’s series of all time, Rowling focuses her efforts on numerous charitable institutions. Rowling founded the charitable trust Volant and the nonprofit organization Lumos and regularly supports and donates to other institutes and research organizations.

Rowling’s upcoming endeavors include the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie adaptation, starring Eddie Redmayne, and a play called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


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