What new YA covers hit the web this week? (September 20)


Here is a selection of new YA covers for upcoming books. Check the descriptions below for publishers, release dates and more.

every exquisite thing matthew quick demon heart emma l adams a game of crows jacob whitfield

Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release date: May 10th 2016
Nanette O’Hare is an unassuming teen who has played the role of dutiful daughter, hard-working student, and star athlete for as long as she can remember. But when a beloved teacher gives her his worn copy of The Bubblegum Reaper the rebel within Nanette awakens.

Demon Heart (Darkworld #3) by Emma L. Adams
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release date: October 19th 2015
Ash may have escaped death several times, but now things are finally looking up. The doppelganger is gone, she’s dating Leo, and the Venantium are staying away from her – for now. But a new threat rises from the Darkworld, and only the fortune-teller knows the true extent of the danger they’re in.

A Game of Crows (Pecking Order #1) by Jacob Whitfield
Publisher: Dpdotcom Digital
Release date: October 13th 2015
Thirteen is the number of families that rule the world. They lurk in the shadows and in front of computer screens that, with one click, could make a stock rise or fall. When the Master of Light is assassinated, Gwendoline becomes a candidate in a seemingly archaic competition of finding a new leader.

the girl i used to be april henry half in love with death emily ross my sister rosa justine larbalestier

The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry
Publisher: Christy Ottaviano Books
Release date: March 2016
17-year-old Olivia has grown up knowing her father killed her mother, but then a human bone discovered in the woods changes everything, and she sets out to find the real killer.

Half in Love With Death by Emily Ross
Publisher: Merit Press
Release date: December 18th 2015
It’s the era of peace and love in the 1960s, but nothing is peaceful in Caroline’s life. Since her beautiful older sister disappeared, fifteen-year-old Caroline might as well have disappeared too. She’s invisible to her parents, who can’t stop blaming each other.

My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Release date: February 2016
Blurb currently unavailable.

oblivion jennifer l armentrout p.s. i like you kasie west summer of supernovas darcy woods

Oblivion (Lux #1.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release date: December 1st 2015
I knew the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door, there was going to be trouble. Lots of it. And trouble’s the last thing I need, since I’m not exactly from around here. My people arrived on Earth from Lux, a planet thirteen billion light years away. Plus, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that humans can’t be trusted.

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West
Publisher: Point
Release date: July 26th 2016
While Lily is spacing out in Chemistry one day, she picks up her pencil and scribbles on the desk. The next day, someone else has written back to her! Soon enough Lily and the mystery student are exchanging notes. When Lily finds out that her anonymous pen pal is a guy, she’s flustered — and kind of feels like she’s falling for him.

Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods
Publisher: Random House/Crown Books for Young Readers
Release date: May 10th 2016
As the daughter of an expert astrologer, Wilamena Carlisle knows that the truth lies within the stars. So when she discovers a rare planetary alignment, she is forced to tackle her worst astrological fear and decide whether a cosmically doomed love is worth rejecting her mother’s legacy.

yellow brick war danielle paige

Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die #3) by Danielle Paige
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release date: March 15th 2016
Amy Gumm’s mission to take down Dorothy Gale is not going according to plan. If the power-hungry dictator of Oz has her way, Kansas will be destroyed forever. Now, Amy has to team up with the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked to save her home.

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