EXCLUSIVE: Read an excerpt of the new Kickstarter comic Magical Boy Basil: Issue 3!


One of our favorite webcomics is Magical Boy Basil and it’s returned to Kickstarter to print its third issue! Created by Rebeckah Murray and Jill Marie Hackett, this queer indie comic will be raising funds from now through Sunday, June 3.

Basil is an average teenage kid until a life-shattering event transplants his family to the sleepy town of Tanglewood. All he wants is a return to normalcy and the comfort of a familiar routine, but here, magic runs amok and teenage magicians work undercover to maintain the balance of the universe. Unfortunately for Basil, his dreams of a quiet life might be gone forever when he finds himself irrevocably tangled in more danger, school work, and imminent disaster than he can handle.

Read an excerpt of the new issue of Magical Boy Basil below before supporting it on Kickstarter.

The original script of the panels has been generously provided by the Magical Boy Basil team below for those who use screenreaders or have a hard time reading graphic images.

Chapter 3 – Page 2

PANEL 3.02.1:

Basil is standing on the road between the fountain and the clock tower. The fountain, currently running, is in the foreground. We can see the centerpiece of the fountain, which is the base of a decorated spindle. Water jets out the center of the spindle in order to create the axis that the spindle rotates onG

Basil is in the mid ground with his back to the camera. He is looking up at the clock tower, which is in the background against a clear sky of stars. Basil’s position in front of the clock tower is the central information of this panel. The clock tower reads 4.


PANEL 3.02.2:

Close in. Basil’s back lights up from a set of headlights turning on. He’s turning to look over his shoulder.



PANEL 3.02.3:

Through the arches of water in the fountain, we see the magical crew all lined up on the opposite side of the fountain from Basil. They are back-lit by a high beam light, so the emphasis is on their silhouettes rather than the details of their outfits. Aaron is crouched over Riley on the ground, healing her wound. Sanjeet and Eaton stand beside them with magic at the ready.

SFX, CLOCK TOWER: Gonnnnnng!

PANEL 3.02.4:

Close up of Aaron shocked Basil is there.


PANEL 3.02.6:

Aaron and Riley are in the foreground. Aaron is quite obviously surprised while Riley is still cringing with her hand hovering over the wound on her shoulder. Aaron has paused in his healing work to stare at Basil. Sanjeet is standing beside them, and she’s only just now noticed Basil. Eaton is surprised and angry and is staring directly at Basil. All of the magical kids have their respective familiars near them, positioned so that it’s obvious which familiar belongs to which magician. Eaton says what everyone is thinking-

EATON: What the hell is he doing here?


Chapter 3 – Page 3

PANEL 3.03.1:

Wide. On the road behind the magical crew, a large green jeep revs its engine. This is the crash-tangle, though it’s not presently in tangle form. The high beams that are shining on the magical crew are the crash-tangle’s headlights. We can clearly see the Caraway Contractors sign on the crash-tangle’s door. The magical crew is turning around in response to the engine turning over.


PANEL 3.03.2:

Close in to Basil. His eyes are widening with surprised recognition.

BASIL, THOUGHT: Wait. I know that car.

PANEL 3.03.3:

Strings burst from the car, the doors flare out, twisting metal arms start to burst from the car’s frame. It is transforming before their very eyes.

PANEL 3.03.4:

Twill launches off of Sanjeet’s shoulder and shouts.

TWILL: Incoming!

PANEL 3.03.5:

The crash-tangle is launching over the fountain. One of its arms is in the foreground shattering the fountainhead which causes water to spray everywhere. Smaller in frame we see the magical crew scattering to all directions in order to barely dodge the crash-tangle. The crash-tangle’s trajectory is headed straight for Basil. The sound effects loom in the night sky.



Chapter 3 – Page 4

PANEL 3.04.1:

Basil wrenches upright in his bed, gasping for breath. He looks terrified. Sweat is dripping down his brow and he’s clutching at his chest like his heart is about to burst free.


PANEL 3.04.2:

Basil pitches over his knees with his hand hovering near his mouth. His face is screwed up with illness and his shoulders are hunched. He looks like he’s trying to hold back nausea. In the foreground, we see Basil’s watch face up on the nightstand, reading midnight. Beside it, we see his alarm clock, which reads 4:01 AM.

BASIL, NARRATION: After that, I couldn’t fall back asleep…

PANEL 3.04.3:

It’s daytime now. We see the bus pulling away from Basil’s bus stop (with the crooked Tanglewood Manor sign) to trundle down the road. It’s a clear, perfect morning with a gentle breeze moving through the trees.

PANEL 3.04.4:

Close up of Basil clutching at a bundle of papers in his arms. These are photographs from the darkroom. His grip is white-knuckled and threatens to permanently crinkle some of the pages.

PANEL 3.04.5:

Same camera angle as the previous panel, but further back so that we can get the full image. Basil is clenching at the photographs, his knees are bundled into the seat in front of him, his backpack is between himself and Eli. Basil looks nauseated and distracted, he’s not looking at Eli. In the foreground, we see Eli turned in his chair as usual and taking pictures of Basil. The feature is his large, toothy grin.

ELI: Mornin’ Basil!

BASIL, NARRATION: …Something was eating me alive.

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