Lunarthon: An Introduction


Winter is coming – no, wait. It’s already come and gone.  Marissa Meyer has penned the last of Linh Cinder’s adventures and Cinder and her friends are living out their happily ever afters. But for those of us who are either anxiously awaiting the arrival of Stars Above or still aren’t quite ready to let go of this series yet, we’re hosting a Lunar Chronicles rereadathon!

From January through April, we will be rereading the entire Lunar Chronicles series! I’ll be your host, posting every Thursday with my thoughts on the books – focusing on diversity in the series with topics ranging from the treatment of Lunars and cyborgs in Meyer’s apparent utopia, to the representation of POC leads in the series.

Want to join in? Here’s the Lunarthon schedule! You’ll have three weeks to read each book, followed by a special feature on the fourth week of each month.

Will you join our Lunarthon? Sound off in the comments below!


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