Lisa Mantchev launches Patreon project, offers unique flash fiction


ticker lisa mantchevLisa Mantchev, author of the Theatre Illuminata series and the recently released Ticker, launched a Patreon account for fans to support her “overabundance of nonsense.”

Patreon works by allowing fans a chance to become patrons of their favorite creators by paying a small fee in exchange for a product. Mantchev will offer micro fiction, as well as exclusive access to news and snippets of her works-in-progress, on a weekly basis to fans who become patrons for a minimum fee of $1 a snippet.

“It is essentially a backstage pass into my words and writing process for the people who’ve already read and loved my books,” said Mantchev. “It’s a grand experiment that has given me renewed excitement for writing short stories, which is where I began my career. As milestone goals are met, my patrons will be funding short works of fiction that I otherwise wouldn’t have the financial bandwidth to write. As patronage increases, I hope to add fun things like commissioned illustrations, audio narration, and perhaps even video.”

Mantchev’s Patreon comes after much discussion and controversy in the young adult community about the different ways to fund and support authors and their works. Unlike sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, which support one individual project, Patreon lets fans support and fund authors’ over a long term period of time. Mantchev knows some readers may be hesitant and understands the wariness behind supporting a creator long-term.

“[On the bright side,] the methods of collecting patron dollars are flexible for both parties. Creators can assign reward levels and set milestone goals, either by creation uploaded by monthly subscription. Patrons can decide how much to pledge, and they can also set spending limits per month. That said, it is a buyer-beware market. Just because someone is a fantastically gifted creator does not mean they are an equally talented businessperson, so vet potential crowdfunded projects the same way you would any other investment opportunity. Does it seem realistic? Are they offering reasonable rewards? Will you feel like you are getting your money’s worth when the charge comes in?”

lisa mantchev

Author Lisa Mantchev. Courtesy of
Lisa Mantchev.

But Mantchev, with four YA novels under her belt and more stories on the way, is looking forward to working with her patrons and supplying them with the delightful nonsense that is her writing.

“It’s an exciting time to be an artist, and well as a terrifying one. We’re all looking for ways to meaningfully connect with our fans while broadening our fan base, and I am hopeful this will do just that.”

To learn more, visit Lisa Mantchev’s Patreon page.


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