The Perks of Self-Pub: Katie Kaleski talks A FABRICATION OF THE TRUTH


a fabrication of the truth katie kaleski“There is a certain Romeo and Juliet aspect in A Fabrication of the Truth, but I have to honestly say, it wasn’t totally intentional. … Thinking about it, the star-crossed lovers’ theme pops up a lot in my work. When I was in high school, Romeo and Juliet was one of the assigned readings I actually enjoyed and read it multiple times. Then after I graduated, the movie with Claire Danes and Leo DiCaprio came out, and it just further cemented my love for the story, and I guess it has stayed with me since, creeping up and influencing what I write.”

Katie Kaleski’s A Fabrication of the Truth follows Lexie and Dalton as they meet again after years apart after an accident that ended with Dalton badly hurt. As they rekindle their friendship, they find that perhaps there is more to their relationship than when they were younger — despite the insistence from their families that they stay apart.

Despite the similarities to the Shakespeare play, the ending of A Fabrication of the Truth doesn’t quite follow the expected plot of the tragedy. Although they don’t both die in a bid to be together, Dalton has health complications left over from the event that pulled them apart years ago, and it becomes clear that he doesn’t have long to live.

“So A Fabrication of the Truth has a Happy for Now sort of ending, and in my head, I know exactly how the story ends beyond the book, but the exact details of what happens are to remain in my head for now. But regarding Lexie and how she will cope, she knows that one day – and possibly soon – that Dalton won’t be in her life anymore. At first, she’ll find it very hard to cope, but then she’ll remember how Dalton always talked about how you just have to live your life, so holding that sentiment near to her heart, she goes on and does just that and dives into her fashion design.”

Much like Kaleski dove into self-publishing. As an author with experience in both traditional publishing and self-publishing, Kaleski is in a position to be able to sample from the best of both worlds.

“As of this moment, I prefer self-publishing. I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere in my writing career instead of sitting around and waiting for others. I want people to read my book, so I can get it in their hands and now, not two years from now. I also get to decide what story of mine I want to publish. It’s not dependent on a handful of people who will deem it good enough or not.”

For her, the main perk of self-publishing is that she gets to run the show — something she has enjoyed more than she expected to.

“Being in charge and guiding what happens and when is actually a lot of fun. Maybe it’s my love of research, but I’ve really enjoyed finding out where the best places to market are, how to plan your timeline up until publication, figuring out the layout of my book for print, picking the exact cover I want… Also, creating my banner ad for advertising, setting up my Goodreads giveaway, I can go on, but to sum it, I’ve taken a surprising liking to the business side of self-publishing.”

In fact, the cover for A Fabrication of the Truth is designed by Kaleski herself.

“I enjoy designing book covers, so since I’m doing it all, I was also able to design the back cover too, and it’s pretty darn adorable.”

Looking to the future, Kaleski has quite a few projects lined up.

“Next is a book called A Fabrication of Forever. Different characters, but a similar theme of bands, secrets, and kisses. I can’t exactly call it a companion novel, but mention of Lexie and Dalton creeps in there somewhere. Then, after A Fabrication of the Truth I have a standalone novel planned for release. I have two possible books I could use for that one; I just have to decide which one I want to set free into the world first. So lots of good stuff ahead!”

A Fabrication of the Truth releases September 20. For more on Katie Kaleski, visit her website or follow her on .

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