Stephanie Perkins reveals horror novel title


Stephanie Perkins revealed the name of her new YA horror novel: There’s Someone Inside Your House.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is in the vein of the movie “Scream” in which a cadre of high school students are being stalked and attacked by a mysterious killer with no obvious motive.

This will be Perkins’ first YA horror novel, despite being a huge fan of the horror genre. She’s known best for editing the anthologies, including Summer Days and Summer Nights, and for her contemporary romance novels like Anna and the French Kiss, where Anna has been looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta for her whole life. When her rich father decides to ship her off to boarding school in Paris, her plans crumble to the ground. Her school is the worst… except for her charming new friends that include Etienne St.Clair: funny, beautiful, and taken.

There’s Someone Inside Your House will be available this August.

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