David Levithan novel undergoes challenge in Virgina


two boys kissing david levithanDavid Levithan’s book Two Boys Kissing has met some heat in Faquier County, Virginia. Fauquier County Public Schools has recently received a request from parents to ban Levithan’s latest book based on its cover.

Two Boys Kissing is about two boys trying to break the Guinness World Record by participating in a 32-hour kissing marathon, all while trying to figure out their feelings for each another. The book also deals with the relationships of other gay couples, coming out, and discovering gender identity.

The book had received previous challenges and was protected by Faquier County High School policy, which states that material in the library should cover different points of view on “current and historical issues”. The policy states that none of this material should not be removed simply because of “partisan or doctrinal disapproval”. Virginia parents are saying that the display of affection is deemed inappropriate and violates school policy, even though books in the library that show straight couples kissing have gone untouched.

“Banning a book like Two Boys Kissing is only perpetuating the problem, not solving it. There are much bigger issues affecting young people today than banning books. How about keeping them safe at school instead of disguising hatred and fear under the guise of morality?” asked Tully Satre of advocate.com.

The hearing for the book banning will be on April 23rd and will be open to the public.

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