Zac and Mia digital series will star Kian Lawley, Anne Winters.


zac and mia a j betts coverKian Lawley and Anne Winters are set to star in title roles of the digital series adaptation of A.J. Bett’s novel Zac and Mia. AwesomenessTV greenlit the show and it will premiere this year on go90.

Zac and Mia follows Zac and Mia, two teens in cancer remission. The pair are neighbors in the hospital; Zac can constantly hear Mia fighting with her nurses and her mom through their shared wall. The pair end up sending messages to each other and once released from the hospital, they’re unable to forget the other.

YouTube star Lawley previously starred in the film adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall. Winters was previously in ABC’s and FOX’s .

Zac and Mia is available now.

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