What new YA books release this week? (May 30)


What May YA books release this week? We have a list of this week’s new YA books!


Crossing Ebenezer Creek by Tonya Bolden
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s
Release date: May 30th
When Mariah and her young brother Zeke are suddenly freed from slavery, they join Sherman’s march through Georgia. But even as hope glimmers, there are many hardships yet to come.

Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release date: May 30th
On her eighteenth birthday, Princess Evelayn of Eadrolan, the Light Kingdom, can finally access the full range of her magical powers. But in the Dark Kingdom of Dorjhalon, the corrupt king is plotting.

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
Publisher: Greenwillow
Release date: May 30th
Offline, Eliza Mirk is shy and friendless. Online, she’s the anonymous creator of a popular webcomic. But when Eliza’s secret is accidentally shared with the world, everything she’s built begins to fall apart.

House of Furies (House of Furies #1) by Madeleine Roux
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release date: May 30th
Soon after her arrival as a maid at Coldthistle House, Louisa begins to realize that the house’s mysterious owner, Mr. Morningside, and his unusual staff are providing much more than lodging for his guests.

I Believe In a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux
Release date: May 30th
When the hottest human specimen to have ever lived walks into her life, Desi decides it’s time to tackle her flirting failures with the help of the Korean dramas her father has watched obsessively for years.

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel
Publisher: Kathy Dawson Books
Release date: May 30th
Sixty-five days after the death of her older sister, sixteen-year-old Juniper Lemon discovers the break-up letter addressed to “You” Camilla wrote the day she died. Juni is shocked—she knew nothing of this You.

Kale, My Ex, and Other Things to Toss in a Blender by Lisa Greenwald
Publisher: Random House
Release date: May 30th
After Mia’s epic breakup, her best friend Justine devises a plan. One: use their summer job to keep tabs on Mia’s ex in person. Two: create a fake persona to connect with Mia’s ex online.

Monstrous (Savage #2) by Thomas E. Sniegoski
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release date: May 30th
The horrors that began in Savage continue in Boston as Sydney and her friends work to protect the city from the newly crazed rampage of animals and try to figure out the origin of the storm and its power.

Night Magic (Nightstruck #2) by Jenna Black
Publisher: Tor Teen
Release date: May 30th
Philadelphia is locked in the grip of an evil magic that transforms its streets into a nightmare the minute the sun sets each night. Becket Walker is roaming the darkened streets having the time of her life.

No Good Deed by Goldy Moldavsky
Publisher: Point
Release date: May 30th
Gregor Maravilla doesn’t want much. Just to feed all the starving children. That’s why he goes to Camp Save the World, a summer program for teen activists. What could go wrong there?

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release date: May 30th
On Monday, five students at Bayview High walk into detention. Bronwyn, the brain, Addy, the beauty, Nate, the criminal, Cooper, the athlete, and Simon. Only, Simon never makes it out of that classroom.

Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release date: May 30th
If there are any rules of sisterhood, “Don’t fall for the same guy” should be one of them. Especially if the guy is heir to the British throne. But sometimes chemistry—even love—grows where you least expect it.

Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Release date: May 30th
Being a bastard blows. Tilla would know. When she and a group of other illegitimate children stumble upon a crime they were never meant to witness, they’re forced to flee for their lives.

Songs About a Girl by Chris Russell
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Release date: May 30th
Charlie Bloom is happiest behind her camera. When classmate Olly Samson gets in touch asking her to take backstage pictures of his new band, she takes him up on it, and is thrown into the world stardom.

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release date: May 30th
Dimple’s parents are obsessed with finding the “Ideal Indian Husband.” Ugh. But if they believed she needed a husband, they wouldn’t have paid for her to attend a summer program…right?

When It’s Real by Erin Watt
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release date: May 30th
Posing as girlfriend to bad boy pop star Oakley, Vaughn will overhaul his image from troublemaker to serious artist. She’ll fool the paparazzi and the groupies. She might even start fooling herself a little.


by Vikki Wakefield
Publisher: Text Publishing
Release date: June 1st
As Grace is drawn deeper into a twenty-year-old mystery surrounding missing girl Hannah Holt, she can no longer tell what’s real or imagined—all she knows is the ghosts of Swanston.

Crimewave (The Seven Signs #5) by Michael Adams
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release date: June 1st
RoboWorld’s robots are strong, armed and perfectly safe… until now. Now, they’re deadly weapons, with one thing on their minds… It sounds like an awesome video game… except that it’s real.


by Laura Dockrill
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Release date: June 1st
Lorali’s safe life on land won’t last for long. Life in The Whirl has become a hotbed of underwater politics and one Mer in particular has her eye on Lorali as the key to her own rise to power.

After the Fire by Will Hill
Publisher: Usbourne
Release date: June 1st
Father John controls everything inside The Fence. And Father John likes rules. Especially about never talking to Outsiders. Because Father John knows the truth. He knows what is right, and what is wrong.

Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moïra Fowley-Doyle
Publisher: Corgi
Release date: June 1st
One stormy Irish summer night, Olive and her best friend, Rose, begin to lose things. It starts with simple items like hairclips and jewelry, but soon it’s clear that Rose has lost something much bigger.

by Non Pratt
Publisher: Walker Books
Release date: June 1st
How far is too far when it comes to the people you love? Claire Casey hates being the centre of attention. But if it means getting Sef Malik to notice her, it’s a risk she’s happy to take.

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