EXCLUSIVE: See the cover of Sleeping in My Jeans by Connie King Leonard!


Ready for another cover reveal as part of our debut author series? Coming this November, Connie King Leonard’s Sleeping in My Jeans tackles homelessness and balancing your dreams with saving your family. Take a peek at the gorgeous cover designed by Jenny Kimura!

A car richocheting across the bottom of the cover with SLEEPING IN MY JEANS splayed across the sky in muted blues and yellows.

Recently homeless, sixteen-year-old Mattie Rollins struggles to hold onto the dreams that define her: get good grades, go to college, and become president of the United States. As Mattie’s mom works to find the small family a place to spend their nights, Mattie’s priorities shift from handing in homework to hiding their homelessness and taking care of her six-year-old sister, Meg.

But it isn’t until Mattie’s mom goes missing that her life becomes a living nightmare. Forced to grow up fast and alone in a cold, new world, Mattie is put to the ultimate test of survival to keep her family together, no matter the cost.

The cover of Sleeping in My Jeans makes me giddy with excitement,” said Leonard. “The color palette, with its muted tones of red, blue and yellow, plus the big yellow moon convey the feeling of night without being too dark. The mountains show off Oregon, but my favorite part is Suby Ruby. She’s parked under a street light, and draws the reader into wondering what it’s like to be a homeless teen, living in a car.”

Sleeping In My Jeans releases from Ooligan Press on November 13. Connie King Leonard is donating 10% of all profits from the book to St. Vincent de Paul.

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